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Postcards are a fast, effective and non-intrusive means to get your message directly to your target market.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, effective way to both sustain your current customer or client base and attract new business, postcards are the way to go.


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FlipBook ePublications See also: FlipBook Demo & Flipbook Screen Tour

Bayard offers ePublishing services as an addition or expansion of our print publication services. The quality of our in-house ePublishing sets the standard for quality. Our base service includes these advanced features:

  • Responsive HTML5 layout that automatically adapts to Desktop, Laptop, iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android devices.
  • Superior 3D interactive Page Turning with Page Sound Effect.
  • Powerful Search feature list pages and highlights search term in yellow as found on each page of the publication.
  • Session bookmarks - Temporary page marks help you move around the document quickly.
  • Social Media Distribution Control - Easy to use social media distribution tools that let anyone share a page or your entire publication on Facebook®, Twitter®, Linkedin®, MySpace®, Tumbir® and Blogger® social media sites.
  • Print a page or the entire publication to your desktop printer.
  • Download a page or the entire publication as a PDF or in a fully functional ePublication format.
  • Title bar hot-link to to you website or optional Bayard custom branded landing pages.

Bayard ePublishing Design and Function Options:

  • Custom Screen Treatment - This is adding a custom look to the screen area that surrounds the your content. This would be similar to a mat around a photo print. It usually consists of a stylized image, artwork, logo or elements used in your publication.
  • Custom hot links - Heading or body text hot links can be added to the e-publication that direct users to specific pages on your site, a custom Bayard landing page or anywhere desired.
  • Custom Audio & Video Content - Hosted video and audio content can be added to the
    e-publication. This can be as simple as background music or something more complex such as audio or video ad or podcast.
  • Custom Indexing - The document can be indexed to any level desired. Get your customers the information they need fast with easy to use custom indexing.

Bayard ePublishing Hosting and Distribution Options:

1. Self Hosting and Distribution: Your ePublication files can be host on your own webserver ( Unix / Linux Servers only ), We will supply you with the complete working files for you to install on your website. This requires your site author or your IT department to install the files and create links on your site.

2. Bayard Hosted ePublications: Your ePublication can be hosted on Bayard web servers with a link supplied to you for posting on your website. This requires your site author or your IT department to create links on your site that point the ePublication files on Bayard servers. Hosting on Bayard servers allows us to easily do client requested revisions and additions or to upgrade the documents functionality as necessary.

3. Custom Branded Domain Name: A custom branded domain name of your choice ( as available ) can be registered and used for hosting your ePublication on Bayard servers. This can make the ePublication appear to be hosted on your own site.

4. Custom Internet Landing Page: A custom publication specific web landing page ( like a dedicated publication home page ) can be created on Bayard servers. The landing page can contain additional sales information, email reply forms, order links, special timed offers, coordinated direct mail customer reply links or casual QR code access to enhance any marketing efforts.

5. Mass eMail Distribution ("Blast"): Bayard can create an email ad for your publication and transmit it to your subscriber or customers email list. The "Blast" will contain html teaser graphics and links to the ePublication. An eMail Blast to your mailing list can put your catalog, brochure, newspaper or magazine in front of your customers or subscribers immediately ( NOTE: Federal law prohibits the use of purchased, bartered or shared email marketing lists. Any email list used must be your own compilation of subscribers, customers or others with whom you have a direct verifiable business relationship ).

6. Marketing Data: eMail data ( received, opened and click throughs ) can be provided for your email marketing promotion. Optionally, a private administrator's web area can be created to house email circulation data from each email promotion. ( Possible only if Bayard handles the hosting and email distribution. )

7. Back Issue Archive: If your ePublication is a periodical, Bayard can create a Back Issue Archive for access by readers. Each time a new issue is posted, the previous issue is moved into the archive section for long term access by readers. This options can be a particular selling point with advertisers because it add value to ads in the form of longer access life for ads.

Talk to Jason Aben or Pete Lamb for more information: 800-432-8738 or Online Form.









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