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Guidelines for
High Quality Printing of Pictures and Artwork

Images and artwork for printing should be at least 240dpi/ppi ( dots per inch /pixels per inch ) at the dimension used in the piece to be printed or larger.

They should also be of a technical and content quality sufficient to allow for high quality commercial printing.

Note: Artwork and images taken from or created for the internet usually reproduce poorly when used for commercial printing.


Guidelines for
Accurate Printing of Fonts

If you will be suppling you files as PDF it is best to embed fonts in you PDF document. Select "Embed All Fonts" and "Do Not Subset". This will help insure your print project turns out looking the way it was designed.


What is a
Press Ready File?

A Press Ready File is a complete layout with all hi-resolution images, artwork, copy and fonts supplied and in place ready for printing.


Need Assistance

If you are unfamiliar with the terminology or
process referred to here, need assistance placing an order or have a questions, please contact Bayard Printing Group. Sales Dept. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Call Toll Free: 800-432-8738
Ask to speak to a sales associate.


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Project Description

Project Description - Other
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Finish Size ( Width X Height )
( Delivered Size )

Number of Pages

Number of Pages - Other
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SINGLE SHEET DOCUMENTS - Fill out this section if quoting single sheet documents.
Product that, when finished, consists of just a singel sheet of paper, flat or folded. Examples: Sell Sheets, Postcards, Business Cards, Tri-Fold & Quad-Fold Brochires, Rack Cards, Maps, Table Tents, etc.

( Single Sheet Documents )

Paper Weight
( Single Sheet Documents )

Paper Type
( Single Sheet Documents )

Paper Type - Other
( If Not Selected Above )

Colors - Single Sheet
( Single Sheet Documents )

MULTI SHEET DOCUMENTS - Fill out this section if quoting multi sheet documents.
Product that, when finished, consists of more than one sheet of paper bound together. Examples: Catalogs, Booklets, Stitched Brochures, Pamplets, Books, etc.

( Multi-Sheet Documents )

Paper Weight
( Multi-Sheet Documents )

Paper Type
( Multi-Sheet Documents )

Paper Type - Other
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Colors - Multi Sheet
( Multi-Sheet Document )


Quote Quantity 1

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Proof Type

Shrink Wrap

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Printing Notes:



Press Ready File -
Will you be providing a press ready file with all high-resolution artwork, images and copy in place and fonts supplied.

If Above is NO -
Do you have all the elements needed for your project layout - high-res logos, artwork, photos, copy and fonts.

What layout or design services or content element do you want Bayard to provide for your project. ( Layout, Design, Artwork, Photos, Copy and Fonts )

Layout Notes:


Will mailing services be needed.

Quantity to be mailed

Mailing list

Mailing List Description
If you need to purchase a mailing list please describe what you need.

If you have a mailing list please describe what you have.



UV Coating

Aqueous Coating

3 Hole Punch

Die Cut

Finishing Notes

WEB SERVICES ( Optional )

QR Code
QR Codes peak interest and increase shelf life.

Response Web Page
A response web page is a great addition to any offer made in print.
( QR Not Necessary )

ePublished Version
Back up your print edition with an identical online 3D electronic version for greater impact.
View Demo

( For Multi Page Documents )

Web Services Notes

FILE UPLOAD ( Optional - for technical evaluation only )

You may upload any file(s) to be used in your print projects for technical evaluation. This can help to avoid unexpected delays in the production process. There is no obligation to accept our quote and no work is done without your express approval. Files will be deleted after evaluation.

For identification purposes, the first word in the file name or Zip should be your company name or your last name. Example: "The Smith Widget Company" would simply be SMITH followed by the file name. Please zip multiple files.

Evaluation Files

Evaluation Files Notes

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