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Bindery & Finishing Services

The presses have stopped, the ink is dry, but the lights arena’t out because the job is not done. That’s why Bayard maintains an extensive in-house finishing and bindery department.

Our staff of experienced professionals are committed to providing the same quality and care in the last phase of your project that we provide at every other step along the way. Bayard knows that high quality bindings, accurate trims, crisp folds and protective coatings are just as important to the success of your project as quality printing.

As a one source solution to your printing needs, Bayard can maintain control over your entire project keeping it on schedule and on budget.
We offer the full range of finishing services. If you don’t see something you need, call us

  • Complete In-House Bindery
  • Pre and Post Press Cutting
  • Folding, Scoring and Soft Folding
  • Stitching 4” x 3.25” to 17.5” x 12”
  • Multiple Signatures to 5/8” Thick
  • Die and High-Die Cutting
  • Hand Services Available
  • Shipping Via All Carriers
  • Fleet Delivery Services

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From Bayard Printing GroupAntimicrobial Protection for Print Products

The Bayard Printing Group now offers a UV or Aqueous coating that will help keep your print product 99.9% cleaner than unprotected surfaces with 24/7 Antimicrobial protection.

In a day and age where you can't be too safe, these coatings can give your print products an added level of protection against microorganisms and your customers an added level of confidence when handling your printed message.

For more information on adding protection, Call us at 800-432-8738 and stay safe!


From Bayard Printing GroupA New Coating and Foil Process

Sleeking is an on-demand foil stamping solution for short-run digital applications. To transfer the foil to paper, Sleeking uses pressure and heat that specifically bonds to HP digital ink and some toners.

No dies needed – there’s no major makeready as it is digital – which allows for some amazing special effects that are also budget friendly.

Sleeking technology can apply a simple finish, such as gloss or matte, a metalized background, such as gold or silver, or a dramatic holographic impression in spot locations or full coverage.

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  • Canon 10000 & Xerox 6500

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Bayard UV Coating

Protect and attract, thats the mission of Bayard UV Coating.
You will love the look and appreciate the protection.

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