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IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT include Crop Marks, Color Bars or Slug Lines in your PDF file.


Upload Limits - Two ( 2 ) gigabyte total single session upload and up to 4 hours duration. Folder and ZIP multiple flies for upload.


Upload Process: During upload you may work on your computer as normal, however please don't close the eSubmit page or quit your browser. Doing so will terminate your upload. Your computer may also be left unattemnded during upload.


IMPORTANT - File Names: Please include reference to you company name in each file name. "The Smith Company Inc." would be " smith " followed by the file name, ie.: smith_spring_catalog.pdf


Help: If you need assistance, please contact your Bayard Sales Associate, or The Bayard Printing Group: 800-432-8738 or use our
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The time it takes to upload files depends on the size of the files and the speed of YOUR internet connection. Large files may take an extended period of time to upload. Please be patient.

If there is a problem with your upload, you will see a diagnostic message indicating the problem. If you do not see a diagnostic message you files are uploading properly..

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