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Bayard can provide fulfillment services for any type of product your store hosts or you need to distribute. We have extensive fulfillment facilities and personnel that can pick, pull, pack and ship your products to anywhere in the world.

We provide both pallet ( top stock ) and bin ( pull stock ) inventory storage. When product is offered within one of our online corporate or retail store environments, Inventory for any product that is fulfilled from stock is tracked . This includes "Stock Print, Size and Style Products and General Merchandise. Automated emails can update each products inventory after a sale or you can choose to have low stock warnings issued by email to designated personnel.

So what does this mean to you? it means you can keep your personnel doing what they do best, run you business while Bayard take care of getting collateral, apparel and merchandise to the people that need and what you offer.

For more information on our fulfillment services and commitment to the future please call us at: Call us at 800-432-8738

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