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Bayard’s InSite - Why?

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Take control of your print projects with the Bayard Online Project Management portal based on Kodak InSite. Instantaneous view refined PDF proofs directly from the files which will print.

Bayard's InSite is the public window to our state of the art prepress system that will allow you complete control over your job files. Upload, Review, Proof, Preflight, Download, Collaborate, Annotate and Approve for Print.

The many tools within InSite are available to all our clients free of charge. So if your company is paying exorbitant monthly costs for collaborative services to link company personnel with clients around the corner or around the world, maybe you should call Bayard and see what we can offer by just being a customer.

Upload your job directly into our prepress system.

Uploading your job is as simple as drag and drop. Plus, you will be uploading directly into our prepress system that will process and print your work.

Since file handling is limited, there is far less chance for error and you get to see prepress refined proofs of your work almost immediately.

Review your Upload.

Check to see that everything is uploaded properly. You will see paginated thumbnails in a selectable size to make upload confirmation simple.

But it does not stop there. Now you can move on to a far more in-depth review of each page.

Examine your job using InSite's advanced Pre-Flight Tools.

After uploading you can use the "Smart Review" feature to examine every aspect of each page to make sure everything is as you want it and as you wish it to print.

Bayard's InSite "Smart Review" allows you to see all technical specifications for each page. Graphically check color, size, margins, bleed and more. If there is a technical concern the system will point it out and allow you to auto zoom into the error for a closer examination.

Use it individually or collaborate with others around the corner or around the world.

Anyone within your organization and your client's organization can participate in group collaboration. Just request an account for each user and you're in.

You can annotate on the page and chat with each participant. Whether you need one account or one hundred accounts, there is never any charge. You get access to world class collaboration tools for free.

Preview your files as they will print.

Whether it's a single sided business card or a large book you will see your file as it will print. Use the "Preview" feature to make sure all pages are in proper order, crossovers align and bleeds are present. See multipage publications as an on screen electronic flip book.

Your confidence will grow, your blood pressure will drop and you will probably sleep better.

When everything is as you want it, approve for print

Once you approve your file for content and appearance, we will review your job for technical accuracy. If everything is correct we will push your job into production.

Bayard's InSite has become a customer favorite. Try it, we think you will love it too.

Bayard is, and always will be, committed to growth, innovation, and “over the top” customer service. Call us, to talk, you have a friend in the business - the Bayard Printing Group, call us soon. 800-432-8738

Friday November 19th, 2021

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