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Why invest in quality menu printing? A beautifully printed custom menu lets you change the dynamics of customer actions and reactions and help you build up the appetites and impressions you want and the sales you need.

Dine-in menus are meant to be durable and are a staple of bars and restaurants everywhere. Dine-in menus feature high-quality stocks and lamination options and are made to take spills and repeated handling day after day without damage. There are also different fold options with these menus that allow you to manage the size and amount of items displayed. Prioritize the safety of your diners while they eat in your establishment. Add QR codes to keep menus hands-free, or use simple print menus to add splash-proof and anti-microbial options.

Take-out menus are a great way to extend your restaurant's reach. Hand them out to customers to build awareness and make it easy for them to order from home. Be creative with different folding options to suit your style and menu design.

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